Automated Workbook Comparisons Update to Original Documentation 13-Sep-09

Purpose: Compare different versions of the same Excel workbook application. (Updates Only)

The Workbook Comparison application has been reformatted to include new options:

  1. Highlighting cell differences in workbook #1.
  2. Removing the added highlights.
  3. Comparing named range references.

The following screenshots illustrate the new options.

The initial screen reflects the new options:

After selecting two workbooks:

After selecting the Highlight cell differences in workbook #1 option:

After choosing to compare cell values, finding differences, and returning to this screen:

After selecting the Compare Named Range References option:

To make it easier to use outside comparison programs, folder path names can be copied.
Whenever a path is clicked, it is highlighted and a copy command becomes visible.

You can obtain a fully functional evaluation copy by contacting Arthur Little at Standard liability disclaimers would apply. For a fee, you may also obtain full rights to use this application for specific business purposes, and the source code may be unlocked and/or modified to meet your requirements.