Applications that use Style Sheets for Client Side Processing

XML Style Sheets provide one relatively simple approach to sending reports to or requesting data from various devices. "Round trips" can be avoided by client-side processing.  Here are three applications to consider.

1. Viewing Data - Create XML data. Send it to browser with a style sheet based on the browser.
2. Viewing Data in multiple ways - Add additional style sheets and/or relatively simple scripts.
3. Submitting or updating data Add standard scripts for tasks like resetting data and submitting data.

Of course, all applications should include appropriate security, such as password and data encryption.

I have limited experience with style sheets, but I have a curiosity for new technology.  So I built a sample of application #3 (without the submit button) using XSL and the XML Data Source Object (XML DSO).  It is based on information from a Microsoft web page in 1999 and runs entirely on the client.  Currently, it requires IE 4.0 or later to work properly.
If you would like to run the sample click here .   If you are running Netscape, you should then see the first screen below, since Netscape 6.1 apparently does not process the style sheets. If you are running IE, you should see the second screen. You could then randomly enter data, sort, and reset and see that it works properly.

Using Netscape:   THIS IS ONLY A GRAPHIC.  To run the sample, click above.

Netscape did not process the style sheets.

Using IE:    THIS IS ONLY A GRAPHIC.  To run the sample, click above.

If you see this version, it should all work.

The above links are to the newest version of this application that I placed on  If AngelFire is down, try running my original version on by clicking here.