Some of My Current Technical Interests

Stay with the tools that work until new tools can clearly improve your business.  Get the most benefit from existing methods, but be prepared to innovate. I coined the phrase Lightning BayTM partly for fun (so I could flash lightning here and on my home page) but also to symbolize the power of collecting the best tools and methods. My web pages use JavaScript and also include a discussion of OLAP, neither of which is on my resume. One reason for developing these pages was to expand my experiences as a "hands-on" analyst, consultant, programmer, and developer.

1. XML - An example of client-side processing that I wrote using XML. As the use of hand-held devices increases, it becomes increasingly important to find efficient ways to separate data from processing and presentation.

  2. UML - My sample Class and Use-Case diagrams in Unified Modeling Language.

  3. Database Issues - A sample of optimistic locking as generated by MS Visual Basic.NET.

  4. Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)  - OLAP can simplify complex SQL reporting.

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