Arthur W. Little

Consulting Manager/Software Engineer

400 Jeannie Court

Danville, CA 94526

(925) 837-4730




April 1999 - June 2001

Consulting Manager/Application Engineer - Internal consulting, design and development of software applications.

·        Designed, developed, implemented, and maintained integrated applications for box delivery of products from outside fulfillment houses such as GlobalWare (BindCo).  These include Orders, Shipping Confirmations, Backorders, Inventory, and related customer and internal e-mails.

·        Designed and developed tools to create and view Excel reports and CSV files from Visual Basic applications.

·        Created accounting and tracking reports for internal and external purposes.  The VB applications accepted input from web pages and an Oracle database and generated Excel reports.

·        Assisted in the conversion of reports to BusinessObjects.

·        Designed and developed integrated applications for box delivery of products from partners that fulfill their own sales.


April 1995 - April 1999

CLIENT SERVER DESIGNS (Acquired by April 1999) - Alameda, CA.

Independent Consulting in San Francisco Bay Area.
Consulting Manager  - Building turn-key, client/server applications using object-oriented techniques for analysis, design, and software construction.  Assisting other development teams in migrating to client/server architecture.  Assisting clients develop business requirements and database designs using Unified Modeling Language diagrams.


Clients include:


3Com Corporation

·        Responsible for maintenance and enhancement of Repairs, Software Delivery, and Contract applications, including the design and implementation of barcode integration and Y2K compliance.

·        Project lead for a portion of the conversion from ASK/MANMAN to SAP.  Conducted JAD sessions with developers and business analysts to complete the development of business requirements and project plans.

·        Assisted in the conversion of the Repairs application to ClearLogistics. (Clarify, Inc.).

·        Created new SQR reports and translated existing non-PostScript Windows reports to Unix/PostScript versions.


Invensys CRM (formerly Aurum Software), Meta Software, Charles Schwab


December 1994 - April 1995

Independent Software Consultant/Analyst

·        Designed and implemented a SQLWindows Tax Calendar application for the San Francisco office of PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Concurrently, translated the client’s APL database into a Gupta SQL database.

·        Completed two phases of modifications to a commercial sales tracking system by Aurum Software, Santa Clara. The work was subcontracted from Client Server Designs, Menlo Park and included the addition of fax and e-mail capabilities.

July 1992 - December 1994

Consulting Manager/Senior Developer  -  Analyzing and developing C++ and SQLWindows client/server applications.

·        Developed a client tracking system for BancBoston Robertson Stephens in C++.

·        Designed and implemented various reports using Crystal Reports.

·        Assisted in the design of the Threshold class library for SQLWindows. Using that library, extended the capabilities of the tracking system.

June 1973 - July 1992

Manager, Tax Support Feb 91 -Jun 92 - Price Waterhouse Tax Technology Group, Menlo Park, CA.
Manager, System Support 1988 - 1991 - Price Waterhouse Technology Centre, Menlo Park, CA

·        Analyzed artificial intelligence and other new technologies.

·        Developed a hypertext COBRA questionnaire in the C language.

·        Participated in the development of an International Assignee Tax Service planning and tracking system using SQLWindows client/server technology.

Manager, Management Consultant Services 1987 - 1988,
Consultant, Management Consultant Services 1975 - 1987,
Programmer, Management Consultant Services 1973 - 1975

·        Conducted computer assisted audits of major corporations, extracting data from mainframe computers.

·        Developed timesharing applications for a wide range of clients while gaining knowledge in many areas, including auditing, taxation, leasing, simulation, industry reporting, artificial intelligence, and work flow.

·        Converted many applications from timesharing to PC platforms.

·        Designed and developed a database and applications for the San Jose office to collect, calculate, and report semiconductor industry statistics.  In 1975, the system began reporting to the Western Electronics Manufacturing Association (WEMA).  It later reported to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics organization (WSTS), and Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI).  The system produced detailed reports that support the semiconductor industry’s book-to-bill ratio.  Between 1976 and 1988, I occasionally modified the system, primarily to accommodate adding Japan and later Asia Pacific.


Business Applications -

Physical goods fulfillment processing. Lease accounting and depreciation. Corporate tax planning and analysis. Auditing. Statistical analysis. Multiple family mortgage analysis. Collateralized Mortgage Obligation analysis. Computer simulation. Artificial Intelligence.


Oracle, SQLBase, Rbase and Paradox.

Languages -

Visual Basic, SQL*Plus, Visual C++, XML, Perl, SQLWindows, SQR, Borland C++, C, APL, FORTRAN and COBOL.

Development Tools -

MS Project, Excel, Visio, UML, BusinessObjects, Crystal Reports, MS Visual Studio/Visual, System Architect, ERWin, Logic Gem, CASE:W, Protogen, and Label Matrix.


BS - cum laude - Double Major, Management Information Science and Applied Mathematics, California State University Sacramento

Professional References Available Upon Request.


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