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Software Design and Implementation


I am seeking a software management, engineering or consulting position to design, develop, and maintain software applications in the San Francisco Bay Area or elsewhere.

I have many years of experience developing and re-engineering applications throughout the software development life cycle. I have utilized many software languages and databases, and I am looking forward to new challenges.

I wrote this website in 2001 while pursing certain technical interests. I am currently updating the website to include recent samples of my Excel VBA work.
  13-May-09 Sample #1. Excel workbook that checks two other workbooks for changes in content or VBA code.
  14-May-09 Sample #2. Fixes a MS Find function bug in a user-defined function within a cell formula. (Workbook is zipped for downloading. You will need to enable macros to run.)


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   Free VisualFunctiontm info from my angelfire site.
   Free QuickHourstm  Excel VBA timesheet application.
     (You may need to download mscal.ocx from
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“If the vision isn’t clear, your choice of technologies and architectures will quickly become irrelevant.” -- Chad Dickerson, InfoWorld CTO. InfoWorld. 10/8/2001