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I have over twenty years of experience using many languages and tools to develop or re-engineer applications and databases throughout the software development life cycle. I look forward to new challenges.

I created this website in 2001 while pursing certain technical interests. I am updating the website now to include samples of my Excel VBA capabilities.

  13-May-09 Sample #1.   11-Sep-09 Screenshots of new version. The documentation shown here illustrates an Excel workbook that I wrote as a quality control tool. It compares two other workbooks for changes in content, format, or VBA code. The application is available upon request.
  14-May-09 Sample #2. This workbook fixes a MS Find function bug that exists only under certain circumstances when called from a user-defined function within a cell formula.
(It is zipped for downloading. Enable macros to run. View VBA code to verify.)
  16-Aug-09 Sample #3. MySamplesV1L.xls reads text files, workbook, and clipboards into worksheets. It maintains leading zeros, excludes objects, and avoids file conflicts.
(Workbook and sample files are zipped. Enable macros to run.)
  28-Aug-09 Sample #4. CopyLotusToExcel_v1a.xls duplicates subfolders containing Lotus 1-2-3 (.wk?) files, saving the Lotus files as Excel (.xls) files. The documentation shown here illustrates how the application works. The application is available upon request.
  9-Jan-10 Sample #5. AWL_BlackScholes.mht documents Excel, VBA, and R Language code that calculates option prices using Black-Scholes method.


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“If the vision isn’t clear, your choice of technologies and architectures will quickly become irrelevant.” -- Chad Dickerson, InfoWorld CTO. InfoWorld. 10/8/2001